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Artist: Kosmoplovci & Mirko Petrović
Album: Ljudi Imaju Glave

Label: floatingjoint / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: KOOI0018
Released: 26/04/2004
Source: 2xCD

01. speaker for the dead – sta ćemo da uradimo (7:23)
02. speaker for the dead – bagma (4:37)
03. speaker for the dead – nemam prava (3:43)
04. dominator – ljudi imaju glave (4:52)
05. dZho – čist zvuk (6:07)
06. havoc – čemu se ti nadaš (6:46)
07. tatar – ne idi (4:35)
08. dZho – čemu se ti nadaš odmix (5:43)
09. rashid – raj (7:53)

mirko petrovic audio remix project have taken quite some time to develop, during which all of kosmoplovci have contributed in different ways. at the end, ‘ljudi imaju glave’ comes out as a double cd pack release containing 9 remixes made by dZho, havoc, tatar, rashid and speaker for the dead on CD1 and 21 original pieces from the real mirko petrovic on CD2. web release contains print resolution designs and full music downloads in ogg and mp3.


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