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in 2002, a year after LO-TEK KINGS LEGACY 1 was made, our music evolved and we wanted to do a fresh take on our promo CD, to present our new music directions but also our improved production which evolved from trackers to modular synthesis and realtime fx. we started using Buzz as our base music creation tool, which allowed us to combine samples, synthesizers and realtime fx in a ways previously not possible.

our membership has also changed a bit, because paranoid already left for finland and wasn’t able to contribute, so more space was given to contributions by dzho, speaker for the dead (dominator’s ambient/experimental alter-ego) and zchbicky/extravaganja, who colaborated and worked with us during early 2000s.

so, we have produced another CD sampler, or promo CD, which showcased our new stuff and sound. our music workflow was now allowing us to routinely produce and render stuff digitally, new tools for mastering were being discovered and used in addition to vst and daw, and new analogue simulation software like t-racks, one of the first successful analogue tube amplifier simulation that was used for mastering.

so, while compiling this second part of our LTK LEGACY series, we ended up with 13 tracks, mostly new ones compared to first edition, but with few LTK ‘classics’ that we didn’t want to miss, but most of them updated with new production, or recorded on live performances, with only few being respected as good-as-it-were. as a special bonus, we have included the latest remaster and slight dj-friendly remake of mindshit, freshly made in 2018.

the tracklist of this release, with complete credits is as follows:

01 aborigines, produced by speaker for the dead, 4:55

02 delete, produced by dominator, 5:45

03 bruce lee revence, produced by dominator, 6:53

04 sada dobro znam (live), produced by dzho, lyrics and vocals by ninja, additional music by dvojac bez kormilara (coxless pair), 4:35

05 severe brain damage, produced by dominator, 4:39

06 mindshit (2018 remaster), produced by dominator, vocal sample by marcus garvey / corrosion, 4:05

07 low, produced by dominator, 7:55

08 smisao21 (2002 remaster), produced by dominator, 5:11

09 zaeban policaec, produced by dominator, 5:45

10 congrats (live at mkc maribor, september 2000), produced by dominator, lyrics and vocals by ninja, additional production by zchbicky, 5:10

11 disoriented forces, produced by dzho, with additional work by dominator, 5:31

12 mendes, produced by dzho, 6:34

13 filterhop, produced by speaker for the dead, 6:21

mastering and postproduction on all tracks by dominator

tracks 5, 6 and 10 were created on Amiga, in OctaMED Soundstudio and DigiBooster.

tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13 were created on PC, in Buzz modular synthesis software.

tracks 4 and 12 were created in PC, in Impulse Tracker.

mastering and postproduction was made on PC, using vegas, sound forge, various vst plugins and T-Racks 2.


addtional information for some tracks:

track 4 (sada dobro znam – live) was performed live on our concert with dvojac bez kormilara (a.k.a. coxless pair) at skc on december 2nd 2001. main music was produced by dzho, lyrics and vocals were written and performed by ninja a.k.a. Aleksandar Djordjevic, additional live music performance was made by Dusan Petrovic on saxophone, Boris Mladenovic on guitar and Sonja Loncar on analogue synth. some of their music (dvojac bez kormilara) can be found here:

track 7 (mindshit 2018 remaster) – was first released on dominator’s ‘i think, therefore i suffer’ lp (in 1997), updated and additionally postproduced version was released in 2001 and is now available on LTK LEGACY 1, and on this release we have included latest, fully remastered and mixed, with slitght ‘dj-friendly’ corrections, which was made in 2018. older version are avalable on following releases:

track 10 (congrats – live) was recorded live during our stay in MKC Maribor, during Hexpo festival in august/september 2000. additional postproduction was done by zchbicky/extravaganja, who was temporary part of our crew at the event. original track (without vocals) was used in serbian hit movie ‘Munje!’ (a.k.a. ‘Dudes’).

track 13 (filterhop) is actually a remix of zchbicky’s unreleased contribution to lo-tek kings, internally known as antiope2, named after some weird buzz fx plugin. it may appear somewhere out of our hard disks someday 😉


some of these tracks circulated through dj underground and some local music charts. some of them – like mindshit – were so popular that ended up on vynil dubplates for personal use by codex dj’s, and stomped more than a few dancefloors.

this anthology selection is here to bring more light on our highly popular and succesfull club oriented project LO-TEK KINGS, which was created in the 1999 as a continuation of what dominator was already doing for some years, but with more musicians who gathered and their work developed and evolved under corrosion music support and organization – beside dominator (a.k.a. domin8r), official members of the group were ninja (a.k.a. alex, asarhad and swemiratz), paranoid (a.k.a. paran0id), dzho (a.k.a. jocko) and zchbicky (a.k.a. extravaganja) and it presented wide range of our dancefloor oriented work, which mostly dwelled through the genres of drum and bass, jungle, breakbeat, triphop, and sometimes even hardcore and industrial techno.

LO-TEK KINGS music was performed live in clubs and concerts on at least 16 official occasions, and 13 more if we count previous performance under dominator name. on each of it’s live perfomances, LTK added a layer of original lyrics, videos and live perfomances by ninja, paranoid and dzho, while dominator was mostly taking care of music selection, live mix and production. this release features two pieces which were recorded from live performances, so you have a chance to catch a glimpse of how LTK sounded live – a rare insight since not much of it was ever recorded, because of lack of technical possibilites to do so during those years.

it is also worth noting that LTK perfomances included lots of custom and work-in-progress material, and it was part of the larger movement that worked on support and establishing local electronic and drum and bass scene in the early 2000’s, by pushing not only it’s work but also other local artists, including dj’s like phase and toxic of codex fame, who moved on to continue building local underground drum and bass scene.

in following years, LTK members were separated by life difficulties to survive in Serbia with their work, but also were pushed away by prevalence of dj performances over live acts. paranoid went on to live in finland, ninja went on to live in US, and dzho moved on to his movie director career. even zchbicky, our new member, was in the group less than year before he also moved abroad. so dominator, the only remaining active music member didn’t want to use the name and continued to pursue his work under his new projects and names like speaker for the dead, kosmoplovci, kdes and others. however, in the recent years, the need for LTK ideals to rise up once again are plenty, so for a time being, we have decided to remind you of our work, and when the time comes, to get back on the stage as well. stay tuned for more!

official page for lo-tek kings is permanently archived in archive where it tries to provide complete information on it’s work, including it’s members solo projects.

LTK official url is or  

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