Covenant: Project Zero Soundtrack

Covenant: Project Zero Soundtrack is an official companion to the Covenant: Project Zero game which is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac platforms.

some of kosmoplovci current and ex members worked on this game, and most prominently, made this soundtrack which we are now proud to share. Djordjevic brothers, Igor and Aleksandar, members of our old LO-TEK KINGS music project, worked together on this, with Aleksandar setting up the initial mood with his theme opening the album, and then Igor taking over to create all different themes that ended up being part of the game, while Aleksandar worked on other aspects of the game, as a game creator and visual artist.

this soundtrack contains all music used in the game, freshly composed by our veteran artists for this particular project, as well as three bonus tracks with versions and remixes. it spans through multiple genres, bringing out all sort of moods, ranging from ambient to action, reflecting different kind of situations you may encounter in the game, but also contributing to game’s overall experience and world building.

we hope you will like and support our work, as we are much proud of it. check the game’s Steam Store page where you can get more information and also download a FREE DEMO of the game:

you can also check CPZ Release Trailer for the game on youtube:


track 1 composed by Aleksandar Djordjevic
tracks 2-17 composed by Igor Djordjevic
all tracks mixed and mastered by Igor Djordjevic
artwork by Aleksandar Djordjevic