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Artist: Dominator
Album: I think, therefore I suffer

Label: corrosion / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: CRSCD02 / KOOI0003
Released: July 1997
Source: CD

01. deep mind crisis
02. mindshit
03. dark in the jungle
04. dark heaven
05. kickback
06. x1
07. blades of destiny
08. keep going
09. psi-move
10. offworld
11. noisy for them
12. total hardnoise

the winter 1996/1997 was one of the most important period in dominator’s life. having discovered the ambient and experimental techno in it’s full scale thanks to NEXUS organisation of DJ’s and musicians, he started exploring the worlds of autechre, panasonic, xingu hill, fsol and other ambient/experimental artists. in the atmosphere filled up with turmouil and fears of the unstoppable global creative downfall, still having his crew of dedicated electronic explorers who didn’t let him down, in this period he created some of his first ambient pieces which would later evolve into speaker for the dead project, as well as some of his best, or at least most known jungle/breakbeat pieces which would later become the root factor of lo-tek kings project.

although finished, with only final premastering left to complete it, album somehow trapped into dead loop and real decision to release was never made. partly this was due to dominator’s serious hardware and cash problems, partly due to his wish to make this a proper release which would come out in more than 50 pieces, how usually corrosion music releases ended up… dead loop just looped over and over until the master cd finally got lost…

however, the ITTIS destiny turned better at the end of 2000, when a mysterious copy of album was found in possesion of phase/codex. since this material is pretty old and today’s release would be far under today’s standard of dominator’s music, we decided to make it an online release because this album, although not released when made, has meant much in our lives and don’t deserve to be forgotten.


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