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Artist: Dominator
Album: E003

Label: floatingjoint / kosmoplovci
Catalog Nr.: KOOI0015
Released: 26/9/2003
Source: CD

01. transmission (4:22)
02. megatron (3:45)
03. mindshit E003 (4:07)
04. terminal 683 (5:04)
05. offworld collonies (5:00)
06. b2 (9:42)

dominator released a 32 minutes long EP with 6 pieces of beat based experiments unlinked to any particular style or genre. the resulting record demands more than simple banging on the dancefloor and is therefore recommended also to audio researchers, if there are still any left around. with the graphical help of kosmoplovci mates, dominator designs his website as usual.


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